The Best New Song – Twisted MixTape #41

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What’s The Best New Song You’ve Heard This Year?

That’s the prompt for this week – and the song doesn’t have to be new, just new to me. Jen hosts this weekly link-up where readers get to submit playlists that fit each week’s theme.

First I have to say that I’m coming back (to blogging regularly) on a Mix Tape Tuesday because I left on one and it only seems appropriate. Or I’m rationalizing being too lazy to post on Monday (or any time last week). Probably the latter, but I need to break the ice and there’s no better way than with one of my favorite link-ups.

When I think “best new song of the year” immediately I think Royals or Blurred Lines but they’re so, ummm, mainstream and still played all the time on the radio, so you don’t need me giving you links to them.

Which leaves me to figure out – what have I been listening to this year? Turns out I’ve downloaded a lot of music over the past 12 months and while the album I am currently listening to on repeat is new to me and new this year – I’m going to give it it’s own post soon and I don’t want to use any songs from it here.

So, I’m going back, way back, to choose songs that are not new this year (well, all except one) but are new to me because I found them when I was creating a playlist for a friend’s 50th birthday party. My goal for the playlist was to have him enjoy each and every song on it. And, now, I hope you do to!


Soulshine, Gov’t Mule


Black Hearted Woman, The Allman Brothers Band

I really wanted to post Jimmy and The Tercels tribute album cover but I couldn’t find the video…


Open Ended Life, The Avett Brothers



I’ll Be The One, Warren Haynes


Angel from Montgomery (Live), Susan Tedeschi

I’ve been a fan of the John Prine/Emmylou Harris version forever so this was a great find. Love her voice and the sax!


Let me know what you think, what would your song choices be? I’d love to hear them!



  1. That the Allman Brothers made a “new music” list is a testament to their appeal. Great list!

    Susan Tedeschi is swoon-worthy, if you ask me.

  2. Great picks from govt’ mule, Allman’s and Warren hayes!

  3. You always have the best music playlists!

  4. I’ve never heard any of these songs, Stephanie, but I enjoyed them. These mix tapes always remind me how limited my musical repertoire is!

  5. Love the Allman Brothers, but then again I loved Blurred Lines, too. So, god only knows what that says about me, but still some great picks here and thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed this playlist and am glad I found your blog! I didn’t know about Gov’t Mule, but they fit right into that sound that I love. I liked the Avett Brothers song too. I’ve only heard a couple of songs by them before. I’m about the same age as your friend, and I’m sure I would have really enjoyed your birthday party mix, too.

  7. Good picks. Some classics! It’s so hard to pick a best new song. I have no idea what I would choose.

  8. Great list…I don’t actually know any of these songs, so I am off to check them out! :)-Ashley

  9. You’re the second person to mention Soulshine. I guess I need to check them out.

  10. I have Soulshine on a mix I listen to a lot, it reminds me of my hippie days and makes me happy and I love how it has that sound of the last song at an awesome party. It makes me miss The Grateful Dead.
    We definitely like a lot of the same music, this was a great list! Thank you so much, I hope you continue to make us part of your Tuesday’s in the New Year 🙂

  11. Those are all great pics! Woohoo! I like this list!

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