Crazy and I Know It – Twisted Mix Tape #37

My Skewed View


I don’t just love you, I’m addicted to you!

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what I was going to choose for this week’s mix tape. And then I started thinking about all the crazy messed up things people do “for love.” We’ve all heard the stories, seen the movies and thanked our lucky stars we know how to behave better.


We can all be crazy and I know it isn’t just me. It’s just better when it’s someone else!


My selections for this week:

Lou Rawls, You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

Could be flattering, could be stalkerish. Depends on how you look at it, I guess.


ABBA, I do, I do, I do from Muriel’s Wedding

This movie is crazy. Muriel/Mariel wants to be married in the worst way. It’s uncomfortable and sad (and fantastic) to watch Toni Colette in this role. However, when the wedding starts and this song blares through the church – oh my goodness I laughed out loud. It’s shocking.


Steve Miller Band, Jungle Love

“I brought you a crate of papaya, then waited all night by your door.” ‘Nuff said.

Except that it’s not because it’s also the soundtrack to one of my best high-school friends and I driving around for hours looking for my boyfriend at the time. We didn’t have any papaya but we played this song over and over and over! Hard to believe he didn’t want to be found by us, huh?


Blues Traveler, Alone

One of my favorite songs. Serious unrequited love. Popper is amazing.


Butthole Surfers, Pepper

I was going to write: I don’t know who Diane is but they are all crazy about her. And do crazy stuff to be around her. “They were all in love with Diane, they were doing it in Texas.”

No joke.

Then I googled the lyrics and found out (just now!) that it’s dying. Not Diane.

I’ve listened to and sang this song (incorrectly) since it was released ca 1996! I guess I have an(other) entry for “Wrong Song Lyrics.”

Also, the song makes a lot more sense now.

Also, I’m an idiot.


So glad you stopped by! I would love to hear what songs you thought of when you heard the prompt this week!


  1. The Dose of Reality

    Okay…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Blues Traveler. I love that song (and so many of theirs) John Popper’s voice is so bluesy and unique. Gah…I love him (and when he picks up a harmonica…MAN!)

    They are all crazy about Diane. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I doubled over when I read that. –Lisa

  2. Muriel’s Wedding, seriously was the best movie and I Do, I Do, still one of my favorite Abba songs, too. Also, love Jungle Love. Seriously great list!! 🙂

  3. If it’s any consolation at all, I TOTALLY thought it was Diane as well…had to go back and relisten!! Love your list!

    So here’s a couple of mine, off the top of my head; my 80’s roots take me back to an old standby that still is ‘warm and fuzzy’ type of crazy love…’Lovesong’ by The Cure. Then another (same love/different day/WAY hotter video as well) is ‘Misery’ by Maroon 5…I know…make fun (could be a tad of my Adam Levine lust) but I love it.

  4. I love that hit by ABBA. Perfectly addictive list!

  5. “Jungle Love” isn’t a bad tune to have stuck in my head now. Let’s see if I feel the same way in a few hours . . .

  6. Love the blast from the past! Jungle Love is a great song.

  7. I love John Popper. Have met him several times. i even have one of his harps with his spit in it (Eeewww) that I considered dabbing up on q-tips and selling popper dna on ebay :p

    • That harp could be your retirement plan, if you work it right, but that is a bit gross, huh? I’ll bet John is one cool cat. And I mean that just like it sounds.

      • yes he is…a year after he gave me the harp he was at my radio station, but I had to leave early that day to have wisdom teeth removed, I left the harmonica with my program director and Popper signed it for me. 🙂 … and yes I had a whole “marketing plan” worked out in my mind LOL

  8. I used to looooove Muriel’s Wedding. What a great memory you have given me! I haven’t even thought about it in ages.

  9. I love Blues Traveler too, and I love the genre span you used in this mixtape from Rawls to Butthole Surfers, it’s great!

  10. Haha, Butthole Surfers – a band I hadn’t heard of in a long time!

  11. LO FREAKING L! I was totally dying when I read that last part about the lyrics!! OK you officially won my day today!
    This is a great list, I had a guy like Lou Rawls once. It was stalkery let me tell you. And I could have decided to like him his parents were gagillionares, but money can’t fix creepy. EVER

  12. I haven’t thought of Blues Traveler in forever but they were amazing and that song is amazing. And Pepper? You know what?? I think I’ve been making the same mistake about those lyrics for the past 18 years!

  13. How great and eclectic is this mix? You went from Lou Rawls to Butthole Surfers in five songs! Hi-5 sista!

  14. Gosh, I’ve been singing that Lou Rawls tune (in my head at least) to every girl who’s broken my heart since 1987. Or ’86.

    “Every Step You Take” by the Police belongs on a list, for sure.

  15. That is HILARIOUS!!!! I do that all the time- I really wonder how many songs I have twisted the words up… poor artists! I need to find your posts on the lyrics because I would actually love to know what I really messed up a long the way- YEARS of songs wrongly sang. LOL

    I love these picks!!! And yeah- chasing the boyfriend and listening to Bryan Adams “Summer of 69”, I was probably riding along beside you with my bf too! Why oh why didn’t they want us to find them??!!! 😉

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