Christmas Song Mix – Twisted Mix Tape 36

Christmas Song Mix - Twisted Mix Tape 36

Christmas Song Mix - Twisted Mix Tape 36

Ernie in Alaska. Many, many years ago.


I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Love it. I will listen to it randomly throughout the year – May, July, doesn’t matter. If I need to hear it I’m going to play it and I’m usually looking for the first song on the list below.


This week, for Twisted Mix Tape 36, Jen asked everyone (you too, so get thinking) to put together a Christmas Song Mix.  Honestly, I’m not sure I can do it, I feel like you are going to be missing out on some seriously great music if I can only choose 5 songs. My Christmas Song Mix – the one I play all the time; the one that, like a love-struck teen in the 90’s, I will burn to CD and hand out to all my friends and family (because it really is the best mix ever); the one that is only my favorite Christmas songs – has over 200 songs on it!


Don’t think I’m indiscriminate though; I don’t love all Christmas music…I had to take the Il Divo album off my “general (not favorites) Christmas playlist” because it was really just too much. I feel that Christmas music is mood music – it brings back memories and makes me smile. That album made me want to claw my eyes out, and that’s not very Christmassy, so I will only add in a song or two randomly throughout the season.


For this link-up I would like to make about (25) five-song playlists such as: funny, when-I-was-a-kid, melancholy, must-hear, classics, non-traditional, if-I-hear-this-on-the-radio-one-more-time, this-just-makes-me-smile, I could go on…but I won’t. I think you get what I’m saying.


What I’m saying is, narrowing this down to five songs is nearly impossible. No lie that I’m having anxiety right now. I will play by the rules though, so here we go…



Omigod I Love This Song is understood for each of these songs, I won’t rewrite it each time, even though I am saying it in my head.


White Christmas, Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters

The video, oh I just love the video. I could (and do) watch it several times a year. I don’t know exactly what it reminds me of but I have a smile on my face the whole time.


White Christmas, Otis Redding

I am aware it’s the same song. But they sound so different!


Pretty Paper, Kenny Chesney & Willie Nelson

I don’t know when or where I heard this song; I just know I liked it. KC’s album is pretty decent because it’s not all traditional songs.


That Old Christmas Moon, Leon Redbone

I’m fairly certain I got this from the Elf Soundtrack but I don’t care, I love that movie.


Oh Come Let Us Adore Him, Shane Barnard & Shane Everett

I was torn between this and another of their songs, Oh Holy Night, which fits my theme (of randomness?) better but this one is prettier.


So, there they are, 5 of my 200 all-time favorite Christmas songs you could put on a loop and I would never get tired of listening.


How do you feel about Christmas music? What would you put on your Christmas Song Mix if you were making a Twisted Mix Tape of your very own? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!


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  1. I hadn’t heard any of these versions but I love the singing reindeer in that first White Christmas version (I also like the version)!

  2. I love Christmas music so much that I had to join and linkup this week. I literally wrote my post late last night (which I never do) and linked up early this morning. Great list Stephanie!! 🙂

  3. I torture my kids by singing along to the Christmas music – especially the old hymns that we used to sing in school assembly (you can still sing Christmas songs in British schools). They claim to hate it but I think they secretly admire my rendition of Oh come all ye faithful……Oh come let us adore him, oh come let us adore him, OH COME LET US ADORE HIIIIIMMMMM, CHRIST THE LORD!!! And I am not even religious, just love the songs.

    • I love that you do that! I was wondering what you would think because I know you aren’t religious and I don’t believe your kids hate it for a minute – they are probably smiling the whole time!

  4. I haven’t heard these versions or some of the songs, so it was nice to hear some new stuff.

  5. Am LOVING this mix tape theme, because I adore Christmas music and I keep getting to stumble across songs I don’t know! 🙂 Yay!-Ashley

    • If you aren’t a traditionalist and are looking for something new(ish) check out both “This Warm December” albums by Jack Johnson (and friends) they are great!

  6. As I’m one of the Christmas music Scrooges, I can say I loved the Otis Redding White Christmas version.

  7. Love the Otis Redding version of White Christmas – the BEST! My dad always plays that one. Great list. I too LOVE Christmas music but you’re a real die hard – July? Really? You go!

    • Yes, July, not a lot but just a song or two when I need something different. And that song is probably my favorite of all as soon as it starts I catch my breath! Everytime!

  8. I love that first video – so funny watching that little guy sing.

  9. OK this is hysterical, my son says I sing just like Clyde McPhatter, I don’t know what he means, but whenever that song comes on he says, mom, that’s how you sing! I guess I’m flattered? LOL
    I had never heard Pretty Paper before, loved it! You can never go wrong with Leon either, I went through a Leon Redbone phase, he just makes you feel good!

    • That’s funny! And yeah, not sure about being flattered either. My 10yo son watched the video with me yesterday and laughed at the solo, so I sang it for him – we’ve got to do it while we can, right?

  10. I haven’t heard the Willie Nelson one, but I love me some Willie Nelson, so thanks for the introduction to that one!

  11. woohooo!! Otis and Leon!!! AWESOME choices! Listening now 🙂

  12. omagosh I love the Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters video!!! SOOOO cute!

  13. This reminds me of an old post I wrote about my Christmas music mix. I have a standard one I stick to each year –

  14. I am totally going to check that out! Now!

  15. Oh what FUN this is!!! I adore Christmas music!! But the only ones I don’t like are all the pop singers jazzing up classics. I can’t stand them…. they ruin the “mood” for me.

    Love your picks Stephanie!! 🙂

    • Thanks Chris! I’m with you on the pop singers thought! I think that’s why I started putting together my own big playlist and searching out the songs from when I was young. And I want my kids to know GOOD music!

  16. I’ll take Otis Redding thank you! Or any Motown Christmas-y mix! Or Bruce Springsteen singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” in a heartbeat!

  17. I really like the melody of Pretty Paper (it’s my first time to hear it). 🙂 And thanks for putting the two versions of White Christmas. Otis Redding’s voice is so cool and the first video’s so much fun to watch. 🙂

  18. Oh Holy Night is by far my favorite but I can see why you made that choice. I am so glad I am not the only one who busts out with Christmas music in July!

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