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What do you think of when I say “Greatest Hits?”

Greatest Hits from

I’m just going to say it, I’m not a fan of boxing. My dad loves it, I have friends who love it – I can’t handle it, the sweat, blood and spit; the swollen shut eyes; the way people lay there after they’ve been knocked out. It’s too much and it turns my stomach.

Except this one fight. I would call this the fight with the two greatest hits I’ve seen in the ring – a tap from the left and an overhand right. Again, not that I’ve seen a lot.

Have you ever been told a story and the person telling you is laughing so hard they can barely finish the story? You can’t even understand what they’re saying but you start laughing right along with them because their laughter is contagious? Well, the friend who introduced me to this video was that person. We were sitting in his apartment and he starts talking about a street fighter from North Carolina who thinks he could be a boxer. My friend is quoting the analyst and announcer to me, “This man, Brian Sutherland, has no business in the boxing ring” and that’s about all I could understand.

Then he pulls out a VHS tape of the fight and has us watch it. It is as hilarious as he describes – primarily because of the conversation being carried on about the fight. Also because when Brian is dealt the blow that knocks him out, he’s stunned and the video seems like it’s slipped into slo-mo for about 3 seconds. Also because the announcers keep talking about how bad he is. And finally, because at 2:33 his opponent is laughing, for the second time in a less than one-minute fight.

I have tried to find this video over the years but haven’t been able to. Then tonight when I read the theme of this week’s Mix-Tape: Greatest Hits, I immediately knew I had to try again.

Lucky for me, putting “Brian has no business in the boxing ring” in quotes worked. So it’s here. You can fast forward to 1:30 when the fight starts just to hear what the announcers say. The fight is over pretty quickly but stay until at least 3:15 to hear, “the overhand right, that’s all she wrote.” He kind of sings it.

The Man from Shelby

I wanted to list all of the hilarious quotes from the commentators but I think it’s time I got onto the Mix-Tape. You probably don’t need me to tell you…the theme is greatest hits. I tried to choose five songs that I listen to a lot and that I haven’t already chosen for another mix-tape.

My five musical greatest hits, in no particular order:


Lovely Day, Bill Withers

I. LOVE. THIS. SONG! I listen to it almost every day. No lie.


Soulshine, Gov’t Mule (The Deep End, Vol. 1 version)

I have been listening to a live version of this song and it’s amazing. We got a new car last week and, of course, I needed a playlist for my 20 minute drive home from the dealership and grabbed this version by mistake. My drive was so fast and my list was so long that I didn’t even get to this song. The next day I was driving one of my sons to school, we were talking and this song starts. I didn’t recognize it right away, but Jack and I both were just kind of mesmerized by the piano at the beginning. I cannot explain it except to say that it stopped us in our tracks, ended as we were pulling up to school and we had enough time to agree “that was a great song!” I listen to this one almost every day, too.


September, Earth, Wind & Fire

I have no idea why. I just need to hear it sometimes.


You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Rolling Stones

This reminds me of my sister, two of my closest friends and The Big Chill.


Happiness is a Warm Gun, The Beatles

This one’s a repeat but that’s going to have to be okay.


So, now it’s your turn. What would your Greatest Hits be? Something current or classic? Live or studio? Does it have a story? I’d love to hear all about it!

Today’s post is part of Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday hosted by Jen Kehl. You can check out more mix-tapes by clicking the link or clicking below.


My Skewed View


  1. Oh my gosh that boxing video is way too funny…which is not really what you think when you’re talking boxing! As for the songs – my husband sings “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” to the boys on a daily basis and they HATE the message, as you can imagine!

    • I just couldn’t get over the announcers kind of trashing him – it was nationally televised in the states – what a platform to go down on!

      Your boys are not going to ever put that song on a greatest hits list, are they?

  2. I absolutely love all of these, especially Happiness Is A Warm Gun. Seriously, I think you know I love the Beatles and that song is truly one of my favorites of all time from them 🙂

    • Me, too. Have you watched Across the Universe? The whole soundtrack is Beatles music (performed by the cast) – their version of Happiness is amazing, too.

  3. Des is enjoying the boxing video with me!
    I don’t know all of these, except “September” (of course) and the Beatles and Stones. Des is wearing a Stones shirt today, in fact! He looks very handsome.

    • I’ll be he does look handsome! How cool is he in a rock t-shirt, anyway? I hope you liked the other two. Based on what I’ve heard you refer to…I would think you’d like that Gov’t Mule song. It’s hippy and jammy and just cool.

  4. Greatest hits? Oh Steph, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Probably with my sing along songs from the eighties…

  5. I’m listening to “September” right now – that song just makes me happy! I have the urge to dance right now, and because I’m home alone, I may just do that.

  6. Okay, I can’t watch the boxing video until the boy leaves the room, but I just wanted to say every single one of these songs could have been on my greatest hits. Like I said, my criteria is a song I wouldn’t change the station, and not only didn’t I change the station. But so I could listen to your mix I did some email checking. So your mixtape friends can thank you that I’m behind 😉

    • Hahaha! Glad you liked it, I wouldn’t change any of these either. They don’t say anything NSFW in the video I’ve just never heard announcers talk like that before, when he “sings” that one part I die laughing every time.

  7. I love that Beatles song (and most of the White Album for that matter). As for You Can’t Always Get What you Want – I always think of it in association with weddings and sitting at a bar in between ceremony and reception with friends as we tried to come up with the “worst” wedding song ever (because so many slow songs are actually really depressing and so you can’t really use them for a wedding dance). This was our top pick for worst song to choose. I now smile whenever I hear it.

    I didn’t know the others – so thanks for the new music (to me).

  8. Your mentioning hits and boxing now has me singing “The Boxer.” Lie la lie …

  9. That’s one of my most favorite Beatles songs, ever. And September…? It was the theme song of the Spring of my senior year in high school. When we heard it, it meant it was going to be a good night.

  10. We all have moments like the Shelby streetfighter, when we realize we’re in over our heads. Only ours aren’t usually on national TV, with a fit Brit jabbing your face with well-placed right hooks.

    I have a post-it note on my computer of four songs I hope to somehow leave for my girls to put on their devices and listen to if they ever need me near them. Those are my greatest hits:

    Hey Jude, The Beatles
    The Heart of the Matter, John Mayer
    The Middle, Jimmy Eats World
    Mr. Blue Sky, Electric Light Orchestra

  11. I can’t believe there’s another female blogger who likes boxing! My husband managed boxers and promoted boxing shows for a long time. Boxers are actually very nice people.

    • I’ll bet they are nice people. Or some of them are, as with anything. I’ll also bet your husband had a blast – you can’t get more energy than at a live sports event, it’s crazy.

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