Spring means Lacrosse

Spring means Lacrosse

Spring in Connecticut…freezing rain, blowing wind, damp and cold. Obviously the next thing that comes to mind should be outdoor lacrosse tryouts.

Spending two hours outside shivering, dressed for winter and holding an umbrella. Fantastic way to spend a Sunday.

The only thing worse would be to be one of the kids on the field. In shorts and jerseys, and not much else. Brrr…(or possibly one of the evaluators who aren’t running like the kids!)

spring means lacrosse soivebeenthinking.com

In our house spring means lacrosse. And spring means soccer, but I’ll tackle soccer another day.

We always joke with our youngest son: “What’s your favorite sport?”

His response: “Whatever sport I’m playing!”

spring means lacrosse soivebeenthinking.com

It’s true. Hockey recently ended but I knew it was really over the day Teronis (that’s what he asked to be called!) came home and asked for help dragging out the LAX wall. Until that day he had spent hours, almost every day this winter, on the ice rink in the backyard practicing for hockey. Shooting and shooting and skating and skating. This is a very focused kid.

Then one day, just like that, done.

It’s time for lacrosse. Because spring means lacrosse.

spring means lacrosse soivebeenthinking.com

Now its running and catching with his brother (who also plays but hasn’t chosen a blog name yet), drilling that LAX wall over and over.

Its fun to watch them practice a sport they love.

spring means lacrosse soivebeenthinking.com

Tryouts were Sunday and we waited anxiously for the rosters to be announced. There is an A team (Silver) and a B team (Green) this year, unlike the three-team mash-up of last year.

The best case scenario would be 2 Silver team placements. Which is not unrealistic as the boys have played on the same team in the past (including this exact team last year.)

spring means lacrosse soivebeenthinking.com

To say Monday, Tuesday and early Wednesday were torturous would be putting it mildly. Any time the boys walked into the house, “Did we get an email?” “Is it out yet?”

The two phone calls I received Wednesday afternoon weren’t great.

spring means lacrosse soivebeenthinking.com

One made Silver, the other Green.

The anxiety and unknowing turns into a sadness, even for the one who made Silver and feels terribly for his brother (if only because he knew how badly his brother wanted a Silver roster spot.)

It’s not the worst thing in the world, it just feels like it for a while. When doubt about your skills creeps in and you think am I really not good enough? I played on this team last year, how did I not make it again this year? What did I do wrong?

spring means lacrosse soivebeenthinking.com

Reassuring my kids that they are good enough, they tried their best and they will rock on the team they were placed on, is my role as their mom. To accept and allow the disappointment, while keeping away from the second guessing and doubt that accompanies it, that’s hard. We want to know why, because to us it doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t have to. It is what it is and sometimes that’s a hard pill to swallow.

spring means lacrosse, soivebeenthinking.com

Now we are looking at a different lacrosse season than the one we had anticipated. There’s a ton of good about what has happened: his friends are on the team, the team in general is a talented, solid team and they should be very competitive in their match-ups.

We’re looking at a different lacrosse season all right.

spring means lacrosse soivebeenthinking.com

But it’s going to be okay. The boys will be playing a sport they love and we’re going to get to watch twice as many games.

That’s always good – because in our house, for our boys, spring means lacrosse. However we get to experience it.



  1. Well said Steph! In our house spring means baseball (and dance recitals) and I am always trying to impress on RJ that it is not what level of team you are on, but what you do on that team. He needs to play a vital role in whatever team he will be on and I am sure Tetronis and he who shall not be named with do the same on their teams!

    • That would be Scar. He has chosen Scar. Original choice GAT-01, but I’m not raising a robot. I agree, it’s your attitude and contribution not the level.

  2. Let the fun begin. I know it would be nice to have them on the same team, especially for scheduling issues, but on the bright side, now they each get their own team to shine on! And you’ll have twice the fun (and twice the pictures too!)

    • Yes, because I am a little short on pictures so that’s a good way to look at it. HA! Last year was so simple because they were on the same team and this was the last opportunity for that but they will be fine and they will do great and it will be fun.

  3. That’s a tough one to maneuver. Too funny Mikki, in our house Spring is dance recitals and baseball too. A situation that is offering both of your boys to learn how to handle that one’s expectations weren’t met. But hey…I agree, now they both get their own chances to shine and yes, lots of pictures to enjoy. Different stories to share as brothers on how their practices and games went too. So see ya in the Summer???

    • Exactly, add (the as yet unnamed daughter)’s soccer schedule to the mix and we are going to be busy!! I’ll be hitting up your beach once it’s all over – count on it!

  4. Teronis! I’m sorry, but I had to laugh there.
    Not here yet in my family, but I remember being there, with my family. Five kids. Oh boy. Second string dance teams. Second team cheerleader. Competitive singing. Traveling marching band. I remember it all..

    • I know with Teronis, right? Whacko! I cannot imagine with 5 kids, that would be very hard. I think for sure they take their cues from us though – we did take it lightly (in front of him) and said “this is going to be fine” and he was outside playing in half an hour. First practice is tomorrow night so hopefully that attitude continues.

  5. Spring is soccer for my girls. And they too are on different teams, because they are 16 months apart and usually my younger daughter gets upset that she can’t be with her older sister. So, I do get a bit of the competitiveness in this way in our home, too.

    • I think it’s my youngest keeping up with his brother that brings some of this on…he’s 20 months younger but plays up on the older team and has for a couple of years now. Obviously he has to try out like everyone else but he loves that challenge for sure. Watch out – you may be in for some of the same!

  6. Love that the attitude is one of staying positive and seeing all the good. Lacrosse is hard, but getting to watch more of it is great! :)-Ashley

    • It will be fun, it’s a short season so getting to see more will be great – my underlying concern is coordinating 3 sports schedules. It will work out though, it always does.

  7. I love lacrosse season, when it’s sunny and dry! Last season I spent a lot of time under an umbrella. My son plays on turf so they play rain or shine. I know how tough it is to wait for that call – I hope both of your boys have awesome seasons. We’ll have to tweet each other from the stands – if I’m not watching lacrosse, I’m watching field hockey!

    • Thanks Dana – we definitely will! I can’t wait for the sunny and dry. Hope your children have great seasons, too. Did you notice the moniker? I’ve also got a Scar and a Tris now – that was tough, especially for the girl, I had to veto about 10 names!

  8. menopausalmother

    You will be busy spreading yourself between the two teams, but in the long run it will be good for the kids. Hey, I live in the tropics so we have all kinds of sports, all year ’round! It never ends for the parents either, LOL!

    • It is good for them. And I guess the younger one will be playing up when there is no conflict between teams so he will get to play with his teammates from last year. I love the kids sports, we have had so much fun being a part of the teams over the years but I’ll tell ya, I do love that first day of summer when there is no school and no sports and no commitments except the beach…there’s a lot to be said for having a break!

  9. You can’t keep a kid named Tetronis down for long. Sports is loaded with opportunities to shine where you’re planted. Legends are born through situations like this.

    I think I have a new favorite lacrosse player, too.

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