Favorite Live Songs for Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday

This week’s Twisted Mix-Tape is songs you love that blew you away when you heard them live. Or to make it easier…I’m choosing my five Favorite Live Songs.

The first option is too hard…I don’t remember a lot about the concerts I’ve been to. I’ve been to enough of them, I should remember something.

But I don’t and I’ve got no idea why. Hmmmm…mommy brain? Yup, that’s it.

Anyway, I’ve already used two of my favorite live songs Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction and Picture by Kid Rock featuring Gretchen Wilson.

In order to not repeat myself (and bore you to death) I’m forcing myself to choose different songs. So here we go my next five Favorite Live Songs…

Favorite Live Songs from So I've been thinking.com


Delicate Few, O.A.R (Best of Bonnaroo)

This is not the Bonnaroo version (I can’t find a video for it) but this is perfect to show how the crowd sings along – in a large venue or small.


Breakdown, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Pack up the Plantation: Live!)

No explanation needed.


Happier, Guster (Best of Bonnaroo)

Again, not the Bonnaroo version but it’s still pretty good.


Flower, Amos Lee (Live from the Artists Den)

Okay, the two songs I chose from Bonnaroo did not have a video from Bonnaroo, this song from Live from the Artists Den does not have a live video. But the live video I found for this Amos Lee song is from Bonnaroo! Go figure.

Here is a featurette about the performance http://theartistsden.com/amoslee the music starts at the 2min mark. This is from the Artists Den performance.


A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, Andrew Bird (Live at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2007)

Same here. Not the version I was referring to but also from Bonnaroo. What the heck? It’s still really good.


Anyway, these make the list of my Favorite Live Songs because I love the performances but I also love the way the crowd interacts during the songs. It just makes me want to be there.

What are your Favorite Live Songs? Are you a fan of live songs or do you prefer studio versions?

My post today is part of Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday hosted by Jen Kehl. Click the link to check out some of the other players. It’s fun and I always find something new. I bet you will, too!


  1. Wait. Have we talked about Bonnaroo? We drive to South Carolina every summer and one trip coincided with Bonnaroo and we were in the traffic and it so made me nostalgic for Dead shows.
    These are some great tunes. I’m glad you got in early so I had a chance to listen to them all 😉
    And OAR, I am soooo happy that mix tape has introduced me to them this year. Just love.

  2. I have never been to Bonnaroo but I think I would LOVE it. Just finding the videos for the post could have occupied me for hours. Glad you liked the list and love OAR like I do. Their Live at Madison Square Garden album is fantastic.

  3. I have no idea what Bonnaroo is — I should probably be ashamed to admit that, LOL. Anyway, I suppose it’s some sort of music festival. Still, I enjoyed the music, much of which I wasn’t familiar with. I love discovering new music (at least music that’s new to me!). Thanks so much for that!

  4. Loved that you chose Live covers of songs instead of the ones you heard live, because like you I forget all the songs played at all the concerts you have been to. I will say that a few of these I truly have never heard of, but now will have to check them out. So thank you for sharing these here with us 🙂

  5. Love this list! Was not familiar with Flower and now I am in LOVE with it! I think there is something really awesome about live versions…some of my favorites are from the Dave Matthews Live at Red Rocks CD.-Ashley

    • Oh I love Dave too! I couldn’t decide which one to choose. That is one of the few CD’s of his I don’t have but I’ve listened to it in my SIL’s car and love it. Not sure what I’m waiting for.

  6. I love every song on this list and,you are right, “No explanation needed” on that Tom Petty song — I can just imagine being in the crowd and singing along….

  7. Sadly, I can count the number of concerts I have been to on one hand and I think the last one was U2 in college!

    • I didn’t even start going to concerts really until after college. Then I started going like it was my job. I’ve slowed down now, but I still miss them sometimes.

  8. A lot of good memories here for me! Guster and Tom Petty are favorites.

  9. I’m not a big concert goer, so this list would have been hard for me to do. But I’m seeing Billy Joel this summer, and I’m so excited to see him live!

  10. My collection of live shows isn’t the hippest – Hall & Oates, C&C Music Factory and a band called the Nylons (seriously, my first concert!). There’s a live version on “Hey Jude” on my Pandora in which Paul McCartney has the women sing one round of “Na Nas,” then has the fellas do it next. That, and any live version of the Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

    (Amos Lee is among the top 5 coolest dudes on earth, in my book.)

  11. Love this list so much and most especially OAR. I remember asking the “music guru” friend guy at work if he’d ever heard of them after I heard them on the radio live one morning on the way in. Turns out that his entire office wall was dedicated to them and I’d never noticed. I must say I respected his musical opinion more after that.

    • We listen to “Live at Madison Square Garden” a lot, the kids know all the words – even the bleeps! I have friends who are music gurus too, funny how we want them to “prove” themselves before we will agree on their status.

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