Do you dream?

I’ve always been a thinker. I dwell on things, think them over, try to figure out what I’m going to do and what I could have done better.

I don’t often DREAM.

Thinking is practical.

Dreaming…what hope and optimism you must have to dream.

Children dream.

They don’t yet know not to.

They dream of fun.

And growing up.

They dream of their future.


Dream, soivebeenthinking.com


Dream, soivebeenthinking.com


Dream, soivebeenthinking.com


Dream, soivebeenthinking.com


Dream, soivebeenthinking.com


Dream, soivebeenthinking.com


Dream, soivebeenthinking.com

A D1 school.

A career that will allow him to play professionally.

Enough money to live comfortably and still play the sports he loves.

His dream.

So I stop thinking of the obstacles and realities and probabilities.

And I dream, too.

Today’s post is inspired by Through the Lens Thursday, a weekly photo prompt hosted by Alison and Greta. You can find out more about the project at either of their sites (and you should check them out even if you aren’t interested in photography – their blogs are great and cover way more than I could possibly explain here!)

Through the Lens Thursday is a year-long project to focus on improving photography.

Today’s prompt is DREAM.



  1. Beautiful really and I hope all his dreams come tore and then some!! 🙂

  2. This made me smile, because a couple of my kids have dreams like that too. And although many are naysayers, I will dream for that to happen for them too, since I had that opportunity to run at a D1 school. I say anything is possible if you work hard enough. I hope his dreams come true too!

  3. Sometimes I wish I were more of a thinker. At 33, still such a dreamer!

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  5. Even if we are both super busy and it’s the only thing I tell/text him all day, I end each day by telling a special someone “sweet dreams.” I’d like to think we both sleep better because of it.

  6. I love this so my Stephanie!!! Gorgeous pictures and beautiful message… dare to dream girl!! Thinking sometimes shadows the light of dreams. Although- I faithfully do both, and the battle rages on! 🙂

  7. I love this post. My daughter is a dancer, and she loves dancing with her whole body, mind and heart. Sure there are lots of obstacles that could keep her from her dream so she is aware of how much work is involved but what does it hurt to dream? And who among us doesn’t wish we’d fought just a little harder to keep ours alive?

  8. My daughter wants to be a vet. She’s wanted that since she was four (she’s ten now). I love that she is so set on a goal, but sometimes it would be fun to hear some her her more fanciful dreams!

  9. These are such great action shots!

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