5 REALLY Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Are you like me, knowing Mother’s Day is coming up and still thinking…”I’ve got time.”

Until the weekend comes, and then you don’t?

Then this post is for you (and me.) I’ve got 5 REALLY last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day that you can get started on now, or wait until Saturday and still have a great gift (if you at least get a card and tell Mom about what you got her.)

These are good gift ideas, too, not a coupon for hugs or to stop fighting with your brothers and sisters (although sweet, are they ever really fulfilled?)

Now with a discount code and two giveaways waiting for you, let’s check out what’s on the list…



(includes a 10% discount code!)

WeMontage: choose to make a custom, removable photo wallpaper or purchase a gift e-card and save 10% with code stephrufa if you order by midnight May 11, Mother’s Day

(click the link below or on the right sidebar and you will go right to the website)

Why choose WeMontage:

  • simple to create
  • fast turnaround
  • ships within 6-8 days (so it won’t get there on time for Mother’s Day but could arrive within Mother’s Day week!)
  • it’s removable

You can create a WeMontage in 15 minutes, here’s how:

  • decide which pictures you want to use – for example: the spring break vacation you just took, the day your family spent at the park, a compilation/combination of photos from the beginning of the year
  • think fast, you know you’ve recently seen photos that you loved, choose 10-20 of those and upload them
  • use the shuffle feature or place them yourself
  • enter your discount code stephrufa
  • place your order

**if the thought of choosing the photos gives you pause, you can choose a gift e-card that can be delivered “almost” immediately via e-mail and you can use the same code to save 10% on the card itself

**for more tips on making a WeMontage check out this post

Really last minute gift ideas for mother's day WeMontage Custom Wallpaper

WeMontage Custom Wallpaper

Here’s a thought: once you’ve created your WeMontage, take a screenshot of your final image and print it to include in the card so Mom will see what she’s getting.



Session with a professional photographer 

(includes a giveaway)

If you read about WeMontage and thought, “We really don’t have any pictures I’d use” then consider a professional photo shoot.

really last minute gift idea, planet photo

Family portraits have come a long way from the typical “stand behind me with your hands on my shoulders and lets wear matching shirts” days.

really last minute gift idea, planet photo

Now you can probably find a good local(ish) photographer who specializes in family sessions and may even offer “mini-sessions”. Mini-sessions tend to be quicker and less expensive than a traditional photo shoot may be.

really last minute gift idea, planet photo

If you are near Connecticut (or willing to travel) I’ve got a treat for you. Planet Photo, owned by my friend Janet, is holding a Family Photo Giveaway in honor of Mother’s Day.

really last minute gift idea, planet photo

This is not just an ordinary family photo shoot: Mom is going to get styled. She will get to sample a new outfit from a local boutique, get tips on coordinating everyone’s outfits, have her hair and make-up done by a professional stylist and then, once everyone is ready, head out for a unique family photo shoot. Please click on any Planet Photo photograph to go directly to the giveaway page for all of the details and to enter.

really last minute gift idea, planet photo giveaway



Chuao Chocolate (pronounced chew-wow! and you do, you chew and say WOW!)

If mom likes sweets, check out their website now and get your order in, Chuao is offering free shipping through May 7 (see site for details.) Chuao is the first Venezuelan chocolatier based in the US, Chuao is also one of the sponsors of the huge No Mother Is Perfect Giveaway. I received 4 chocolate bars to try and give my opinion on. Yes, they were free but I’m not a sweet-tooth so I’m not swayed by free chocolate, that being said, the opinions I’m about to give are all my own (because I tried the chocolate after the kids went to bed!)

5 really last minute gift ideas, chuao chocolate

Yes, I kept this chocolate away from my kids for two weeks – so I could be sure I could tell you whether or not you should try it, too.

And you should. Really. It’s good.

I received Firecracker, Pretzel Toffee Twirl, Sweet & Salty, and Potato Chip.

I will say that the chocolate itself is really good. It’s creamy, smooth and rich. There’s nothing waxy or artificial tasting about it. I’ve mentioned I’m not a sweet-tooth but if I’m going to buy chocolate it’s going to be good quality chocolate. Chuao is just that.

5 really last minute gift ideas, chuao chocolate

I love salty, spicy and peppery combinations with chocolate and these bars did not disappoint. The Pretzel Toffee Twirl was my favorite because of the pretzels and toffee! All three flavors were similar though between that, the Sweet & Salty and the Potato Chip. I loved that the chips and the pretzels were crunchy, not soggy, and the salt was complimentary, not overpowering.

5 really last minute gift ideas, chuao chocolate

The Firecracker bar was also good but I’m not a huge fan of “popping candy” so while the flavor with the chipotle pepper was really good, I would have preferred a crunchy salt on top with more heat versus the popping candy that is currently in the bar. (Yes, I did just offer a flavor suggestion to a chocolatier.) However if you love chipotle and popping candy – this is your new favorite chocolate bar.



Most Moms, that I’ve read about on various internet polls anyway (so we all know it’s true), really just want some time to relax and feel appreciated.

Consider making a light brunch or early dinner for Mom. I don’t mean wreck the kitchen in the process but put together a cheese/appetizer tray with some fruit (this can be simple or “fancier” and get a decent bottle of wine or prosecco. If the weather is nice, head outside to the deck, the beach, a park…spend some time together relaxing.

If you really want to get creative with the fruit and the wine make Mom this Simple Summer Sangria. It’s really good and I’ll bet she will share.

Are You Feeling It Simple Summer Sangria



(second giveaway and really inexpensive gift!)

If you’ve been here before you know I’ve enjoyed the Mother of All Meltdowns book. I’ve reviewed it, written my own meltdown story, bought it for gifts, hosted a giveaway and won a copy. It’s a good book, very funny and the stories in it are relatable for any mother with kids in her home. Right now you can get a copy of  The Mother of All Meltdowns, it’s only 99 cents on Amazon through Mother’s Day.

You can also enter the amazing No Mother is Perfect, Every Mother is Unique Giveaway being hosted by Mother of All Meltdowns. You only need an email address to enter – and maybe Mom will take you if she wins!

For more on the book and the No Mother is Perfect Community come over here and read this.

No Mother is Perfect Giveaway


Thanks for joining me today, I hope I’ve given you some great ideas for last minute Mother’s Day gifts. If I’ve left something out please share it in the comments. I’d love to hear what you think!


Disclosure: I bought my own WeMontage before I became an affiliate. If I’ve introduced you to WeMontage and you are interested in ordering, please use my links, I will earn a small commission for introducing you to the product and it is through my affiliate links and by using my code that you are able to save 10%. 

I received 4 chocolate bars from Chuao to review and offer my honest opinion of them. Which I did, above.

I received 2 bottles of Anew Riesling for review, I did that review in a previous post. The sangria recipe included here uses Anew Riesling, you can substitute another wine based on your preferences.

I received a copy of Mother of All Meltdowns, the book, for review. As I mentioned, I have since bought additional copies.

I did not receive any compensation from Planet Photo, all photos were used with permission.

All opinions about every product mentioned here are my own.







  1. Thanks Steph these were so great ideas.

  2. I love them all and seriously any one of these would be a great and welcomed gift for any mom!! Great list 🙂

  3. All of my favorite things, right here! Seriously.

  4. vitatrain4life

    Taking a screen shot of the weMontage is the BEST idea! I wish I had done that when I gave one to my dad and stepmom for Christmas!! I also am IN CT and I love the idea of getting a makeover before a mini-shoot with a professional photog! I’ll have to email this to my husband as I’m sure he’s gotten nothing yet… 🙂

    • I hope you enter the contest, Janet has traveled to meet people, she doesn’t have to stay local to NM. And her photography skills are pretty impressive.

  5. That chocolate looks amazing….. I have done a few gift certificates from husbands that want to surprise their wife with photos of their kids but know better than to do it without her input!! Thanks for mentioning Planet Photo and I think it’s about time to photograph you with your kids – get out from behind the camera! Happy Mother’s Day Steph xo

    • Thank you for the gorgeous photos. Is it wrong to say I hope I win? If I don’t – I do need to schedule something, it’s a sad state of affairs as far as family photos are concerned over here. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Janet.

  6. Great list Steph! Potato chips covered with mild chocolate? You had me at hello! And an early Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. LOVE this list! Northville Market carries Chuao, and I had the potato chip chocolate bar the other day and it is amazing! I did not share. I ate it while the kids were in school. Happy day for me. Janet will be doing our family pics this summer and you know how much I love WeMontage! Just made one for a graduation gift!

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  9. Awesome post Stephanie!! You did such a great job putting this one together… I know I WOULD LOVE any of these!!! 😉

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