St Germain & Gin Cocktail


st germain and gin cocktail

photo credit: Heavy Artillery

It’s the weekend; we are having dinner with friends so naturally the most important question is “What are we drinking?” As I’ve posted, I love making drinks and trying out new recipes. This one, I’m stealing from a local restaurant because I had it there first even though its very, very close to a recipe I’ve made many times but never used Fever-Tree tonic.images-1

When I make drinks and try to translate so others can make them, I find it easier to put measurements into parts so whether you are making an individual drink and measuring shots/ounces or if you are making a batch and measuring cups you can get the right drink every time. This is very important when you are having a group of people over – you don’t want to be stuck making drinks all night. I suggest pre-making a batch and then adding anything “fizzy” (tonic, seltzer, prosecco, etc) once the drink has been poured.

This one is super simple, you need:
– 2 parts Beefeater Gin (and yes, this totally violates my Hendricks, Sapphire and even Tanqueray sensibilities but trust me, it’s good)
– 1 part St Germain
– ½ bottle of Fever-Tree tonic
– lemon wedge
– lime wedge

The basic steps:
– fill your cocktail glass with ice
– if your ice is from your freezer and not a bag of “fresh” ice, rinse your ice. Again, trust me on this, have you ever smelled your hands after grabbing a handful of ice from the freezer? Gross. Rinse your cubes.
– Pour in Beefeater, then St Germain then top with Fever-Tree
– Garnish with lemon and lime. They aren’t there just for looks though, be sure to squeeze them into your drink

I’ll admit, I like to stir this drink a little, St Germain is heavy and tends to sit on the bottom.

That’s it. Super-simple. Enjoy!


  1. Delicious! Is it easy to find the Fever-Free tonic? I have to be honest, I have never heard of it before…… It might have to be my new summer drink.

  2. Thanks for sharing Steph, although not something I would drink its one I will keep in mind while working at the bar:-)

  3. April Gunnarshaug Mirabito

    Absolutely trust her on the ice rinsing!! This is definitely one of my favorite drinks.

  4. Since I know for a fact your cocktails are amazing, I might have to try this one!!

  5. Why were we not hanging out together at BBCChar???

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  7. I love wine but I’m thinking the sugar is catching up to me… I’m going to break out of my “wine only” mold and start trying new cocktails!!

    • Kristen, I’ve been re-thinking the sugar in a lot of my drinks lately. My goal is to start posting more of the recipes I’ve been working on because most are simple and I feel like I’m still getting a great drink without all the extra calories (and without the hangover sugar gives you!) This drink is one of my faves but you can sub seltzer for the Fever Tree to make it lighter and dilute it a bit. Still just as tasty!

  8. This rinse your ice thing has me cracking up. Although I know it is totally true. I’ll probably just save myself all kinds of crazy time and effort and go ahead with the pitcher. RIGHT?!

    • I almost always do the pitcher (and ALWAYS do the ice.) That way I can sit on my butt and enjoy my own drinks without having to jump up every 10 minutes or so and make someone a new one. Anyone can learn to pour in their own tonic, right? And I’ll watch from my patio chair to be sure they are doing it right!

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