Twisted MixTape Forbidden Love

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another Twisted MixTape.

My Skewed View

I’ve mentioned before – this is my favorite link-up. It’s hosted by Jen Kehl and the people that play really know their music, I love seeing what everyone chooses for the themes because I always find music I haven’t heard before.

This weeks theme is Twisted MixTape Forbidden Love and I’ll admit I was stumped. I’ve been thinking about songs to choose for days and couldn’t come up with anything.

Then I thought about cheating. And cheaters. There have to be lots of songs about cheating.

There are.

So I scrolled through my iTunes library and found a few for you.

Alex Clare, Up All Night

This is one of my daughters favorite songs on this album. She’s 11. She can’t listen to it anymore.


The Black Crows, Could I’ve Been So Blind

At first I thought she cheated but nope, he did it.


Kid Rock feat. Gretchen Wilson, Picture (live)

I considered putting the one with Sheryl Crow here but this one is my favorite version.


Simon & Garfunkle, Cecilia

“When I came back to bed someone’s taken my place.”


Ray Lamontagne, You Can Bring Me Flowers

So when you’re lying in his arms, Think of me and know
The choice you made it free and clear, Cost me a heavy toll


So what songs would you have picked for Twisted MixTape Forbidden Love? I’d love to know – especially since it took me so long to figure this one out! You can click the link above and see what everyone else chose, too or add your own list.



  1. Never heard of that first one and listening to it now. Thanks for sharing it with us. And I too like the Gretchen Wilson version better then Sheryl Crow for some reason 🙂

  2. April Gunnarshaug Mirabito

    Love that song by Kid Rock. My all time favorite though on this subject, I think (hard to choose just one), is Stay by Sugarland. The video makes it even more powerful.

    • I’m going to look that one up, I feel like I should know it but I can’t place it. Thank you for always choosing a song, and for adding more the next time we talk!

  3. I had never heard that first song before…but as you know, I am pretty clueless as far as music goes. I’ll just read your mix tapes to get the good stuff!

  4. Love this list, especially Cecilia. Great take on Forbidden Love!

  5. Never heard that first song but it’s hilarious that it’s your 11 year old’s favorite! And I can totally see why you like this version of Picture better than the Sheryl Crow one — this is the first time I listened to it and I think I do too! Cecelia — well, of course!

    • She used to ask me to play it all the time and at first I didn’t pay any attention. Needless to say we don’t play it anymore. I think I put Picture (that version) on almost every party playlist I make, and someone always says, “Awww, great song.”

  6. The Black Crowes could do a whole cheating/heartbreak anthology! This list is perfect! And you even taught me something with the first song. And Cecilia is a classic. One of the mix tapes a while back I told the story of that song. All it was, was a jam on some drums and coffee tables that they had to add words to!

    • I’m going to find that mix-tape. I love Paul Simon and I’ve been reading (not necessarily participating in) the Mix-Tape for a while so I can’t believe I missed it! I’m not crazy about the way that Alex Clare song starts so I’ve dismissed it but now…I can’t unhear it. I just hope my daughter doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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