The Girls. The Bad and The Ugly. (When Friendships Go Wrong)

The Girls The Bad and The Ugly

I knew it would happen at some point. The idyllic little bubble of 12 year-old friendships: sleepovers, crushes, instagram, movies. It doesn’t last forever. Friendships don’t (always) last forever. I know that. I’ve lived that. I expect that. Being on the lookout for it doesn’t make it any easier to

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As I Was Saying…

As I was saying...

As I was saying… If you want to take great photos of fireworks… Wait. What? At the end of January? So, it’s been a while. I took a break. A long break. Actually, I went on vacation right after writing

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Grilling with Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life

Grilling with Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life   Today for #AskAwayFriday I’m swapping questions with Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life. We are doing the questions a little bit differently today…we are swapping 5 questions. Lighter, yes, in numbers only. Don’t feel like you are missing out…Michelle

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Wordless Wednesday, Friends

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday, Friends One of the most amazing things about blogging…meeting your friends. Who might be brand new friends, in person. But feel like old friends as soon as you start talking. Because they know you. And you know them.  

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