Champagne and Raspberries

Champagne and Raspberries; So, I've been thinking...

Champagne and raspberries are a delicious combination, especially if you add a splash of Chambord raspberry vodka. Very light, fresh and simple, perfect for a celebration, brunch or anytime.

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Cinnamon Apple Cider Manhattan

Cinnamon Apple Cider Manhattan, Steph Rufa Photography

Cinnamon Apple Cider Manhattan. ¬†Doesn’t that sound delicious? I’ve spent some time this fall playing around with seasonal flavors, namely apples, apple cider and cinnamon. No nutmeg or pumpkin here, thanks anyway. I wanted to create drinks that I would crave in the fall; that would remind me of the

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Cherry Coconut Martini

Cherry Coconut Martini from

I was going to call this Cherry Coconut Martini a Valentine’s cocktail – it has all the makings: it’s red, it’s delicious and I’m posting the recipe right before Valentine’s Day. Also, if you have two, you will be in love with everyone.     But the reality is…this Cherry

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