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Love Songs Twisted MixTape Tuesday Soivebeenthinking.comWith Valentine’s Day approaching it’s only fitting that this week’s theme for Twisted MixTape Tuesday is Love Songs.

I have no idea why this song is the first Love Song that pops into my head but it is.

Silly Love Songs, Paul McCartney & Wings


The song Greg and I danced to at our reception.

(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, Nat King Cole


This one is definitely not your traditional love song but I love the intro.

Hey Girl, O.A.R Live from Madison Square Garden


Lots of fun lyrics in the next one:

“Hello, my god, you’re beautiful”

“I’ve been lightly drinking and a little bit too heavy on the thinking”

Those lyrics are not in order so the drinking does not result in the beautiful comment, just in case you were wondering.

Hello, Tristan Prettyman


I can’t decide for this last song. I’m supposed to keep it to 5 songs but in order to do that I almost gave you Love Song by Tesla. Which I do happen to love and I know at least 3 other friends who do too, but I’m sure many more of you are grateful I didn’t do that. So, I’ve got to give you a bonus song. One of my favorite movies is Love, Actually and I’m torn between two songs from it:

All You Need Is Love, The Beatles


God Only Knows, The Beach Boys


Now I’d like to know what your favorite or most meaningful love songs are, do you have a favorite or do you despise love songs? Let me know in the comments. And be sure to check out some of the other playlists to see what everyone else is listening to.

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  1. April Gunnarshaug Mirabito

    Great list! My ‘top of head’ song is ‘Woman’ by John Lennon. Don’t know why, maybe Silly Love Songs got me thinking post Beatles. Speaking of post Beatles, one of Paul’s favorites is Oh Darling by Paul McCartney. He sings it to me. I know, don’t gag, but it’s sweet. Old time favorite to top the list though would be ‘Let’s Stay Together’, Al Green. We’ll actually dance to it and THAT’S saying something!

  2. “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” (Van Morrison) and “Feels Like I’m Home” (Duncan Shiek)… fun topic:)

  3. I haven’t heard that Beach Boys tune in a while. Nice way to end the tape.

  4. Love the list of songs you have here! Now this is music!

  5. I was only familiar with the Beatles songs so thanks for introducing me to some new music.

  6. I would have had the hardest time narrowing this down to 5! Love the Paul McCartney/Wings love song and you never have to twist my arm to get with the Beatles. .

  7. I don’t know how I’d narrow down my list, but I did make a few love mixes for Valentine’s Day a few years back. I’m sure it was totally bizarre stuff! However, “All You Need Is Love” was definitely there! So not so weird after all.
    And I love “Thank you” by Led Zeppelin, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” by the Pretenders. Even some songs by The Cure..

    • I almost put The Cure on here, I found a cover of Love Song by 311 and was on my way to The Cure but got all distracted on the way (I scroll my iTunes library when I’m choosing songs). And Thank You is one of my favorites, too. Great song!

  8. OK can I admit I have never heard O.A.R. that I know of, and I LOVED it! I just stuck it on my new faves list! And that Tristan Prettyman song, LOVED! This is such a great list, thank you so much! Still would have loved it with the Tesla too, I don’t judge 🙂

    • Thank you! Those hair bands were a necessary part of my teen years whether I’d like to admit it or not. And I’m so glad you found two new songs/artists!! I love that! O.A.R Live from MSG was my introduction and it’s still probably my favorite but I’d add Delicate Few, it’s also a live song they performed at Bonnaroo and worth finding if you can.

  9. Really a nice mix! Okay, you got me with the O.A.R. song (I stopped listening to them after their first album … I know, I’ve gotta give them more of a chance), and thanks loads for turning me on to Tristan Prettyman! (I’m going to MP3 Downloads right after this to investigate more of her.) You know, growing up during the Beatles/Beach Boys era, I kind of always classify most of the Beach Boys music as “Surfer Crap” except for “Good Vibrations”. I’d completely forgotten about “God Only Knows.” Well done … very well done!

    • Thanks Rich! I love O.A.R.’s live performances – they do a great job, I don’t listen to a ton of their early studio albums, my husband and I have both tried but they just don’t compare to their concerts. I’m glad you liked Tristan, I’ve only listened to her (that particular) album a few times years ago, so I could use a refresher myself. Glad you stopped by!

  10. I, for one, am a huge Beatles (Paul McCartney) fan and the two you picked I think are perfect. This week especially I have been listening to The Beatles non-stop while I have been working, because of the 50th anniversary special and just a coincidence that Valentine’s Day is at the end of the week, too I suppose 🙂

  11. Awesome choices for love songs. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons is such a perfect song to dance to at your wedding reception and I had to laugh out loud at the lyrics “I’ve been lightly drinking and a little bit too heavy on the thinking” and your explanation that the comment is not a result of the drinking. And OAR is awesome.

  12. You always have the best music ideas. I am completely clueless! My daughter loves her music so much that she has ancient stuff (like before my time) and new stuff in her music library. Something skipped a generation with me.

  13. The Dose of Reality

    I had never heard “Hey Girl” before. I love it!! So glad I know it now! I love all of these!! Every time I hear “God Only Knows” I feel weepy. It’s just the perfect sentiment. 🙂 –Lisa

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  15. I love, love, love the song Love Song by Tesla! I have it on my iPod. “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley is one of my favorites. Joe Cocker’s “All I Want is Forever” is less known but I love. Great list!

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