HOME Whenever I hear the word home I always think about where I grew up, in northern New York. Yes, of course I consider Connecticut home now but my first home wasn’t here. It was there. When I was young it was just where I lived. Nothing special. Once I left

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Friendships and Other Perks of Blogging

perks of blogging, soivebeenthinking.com

One of the perks of blogging is meeting other bloggers. Whether at a blog conference or through reading and commenting on each other’s posts – it’s easy to develop a friendship because in addition to the direct interaction via commenting, as you read someone’s stories you get to know them.

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Figuring Out My Why

Brown Eyed Girl pulling off a hockey helmet smiling at the camera

Figuring Out My Why This past weekend I travelled with a friend to Dallas for Bloggy Boot Camp. This just happens to be the third event by The SITSgirls that I’ve attended and I’m so glad I went. (You can read about my second trip: Getting to Bloggy Boot Camp Charlotte,

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Are We There Yet? Getting to Bloggy Boot Camp

JFK Road Sign

On May 17th and 18th I had the opportunity, with my friend Michelle, to attend Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. As I’m fairly new to blogging I’m still trying to figure out the basics, I kept wondering: was I going to be in

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