Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

wordless wednesday

Our backyard at sunset. Crazy colors.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and seriously love those summer sunsets. Just another reason this time of the year is my favorite 🙂

    • Thanks Janine. This was just a couple of weeks ago and those trees are all full now…you can see the colorful buds if you look close. I love spring and summer too. The transition is almost “blink and you’ll miss it” fast.

  2. I love the spectrum of colors! Are you laying down? Lately I’ve been laying down when taking photos.

    • Crazy colors, right? Even the buds on the trees. I wasn’t laying down, our backyard has a pretty good slant (we’re on a hill) and I had to crop it for my biz cards for BlogU. Yes, I included a bunch of photographs on the backs, I hope they turn out!

  3. so beautiful! I love how much color is going on and the peek behind the trees is just amazing!

  4. That is gorgeous Steph! I always forget to take pics of sunsets unless I’m on the beach!

    • Lately we’ve had some amazing sunsets, even through the trees and over the hill, you’ve probably got too many trees in your way to notice every day. Trees or soccer fields.

  5. Stunningly beautiful! :)-Ashley

  6. Ah…. wish I could be sitting outside soaking in the beautiful landscape there! Just gorgeous Stephanie! It brings me such peace to see that picture…

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