Three Simple Steps for Better Pictures at the Beach

Three simple steps for better pictures at the beach. Seems straight forward enough but sometimes, trying to manage the light and the action and the sand and the bugs all while trying to get smiles and not mid-day grimaces because it’s so bright, well, that’s what led me to create

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Knock Your Socks Off – A Father’s Day Cocktail

knock your socks off father's day cocktail

If you’re looking for a Knock Your Socks Off Father’s Day cocktail – look no further, you’ve found it! After experimenting with this drink for a couple of weeks (it’s tough, I know) the result is this fab & delish “Knock Your Socks Off Father’s Day cocktail.” The goal: take

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Are We There Yet? Getting to Bloggy Boot Camp

JFK Road Sign

On May 17th and 18th I had the opportunity, with my friend Michelle, to attend Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. As I’m fairly new to blogging I’m still trying to figure out the basics, I kept wondering: was I going to be in

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The Un-Amazing Motorcycle Ride

The Un-Amazing Motorcycle Ride from So, I've Been

The other night my husband and I were watching TV when the How to be Amazing Gamefly commercial came on. I like this commercial. It’s funny and I like the music. I also like the first “don’t do this” where the guy gets on the back of the scooter and

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St Germain & Gin Cocktail

st germain and gin cocktail

  It’s the weekend; we are having dinner with friends so naturally the most important question is “What are we drinking?” As I’ve posted, I love making drinks and trying out new recipes. This one, I’m stealing from a local restaurant because I had it there first even though its

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Fun Friday Photos

It’s Friday and as I was thinking of what to write about today, I decided to keep it simple. I recently “liked” slrlounge on Facebook and find that I am always clicking through their links. As I am very invested in taking pictures and love learning about photography, I find

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Smoky Black Bean Soup

So, I've Been Smoky Black Bean Soup

Smoky Black Bean Soup This past winter I started making soup regularly. My mom always made soup when I was growing up with the turkey leftover from Thanksgiving. From that I developed a chicken soup that was simple and easy. And that’s where I stayed. No potato, cream of broccoli

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Kids Sports & Self Worth, Monitoring the Self-Talk

Kids Sports & Self Worth, Monitoring the Self-Talk from So, I've Been

Kids Sports & Self Worth, Monitoring the Self-Talk. So I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had with my oldest son, N, yesterday and it keeps interrupting my thoughts as I’m going through my day today. It’s a conversation that I thought wouldn’t happen at his age, 11. It’s topic,

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