Margarita Round-Up

Margarita Round-Up (Three faves and one to try!)

margarita round-up


I’ve posted a couple of margarita recipes lately all in honor of National Margarita Day. In an effort to keep things easy and share my favorites I’m doing a quick margarita round-up of my three favorite recipes and one I really want to try.

Jalapeno & Watermelon Margarita

jalapeño watermelon margarita, margarita round-upThis one is so delicious, making your own fresh watermelon juice is key for this drink. And don’t worry, it’s simple to do.

Grilled Pineapple & Jalapeno Margarita

I don’t have a photo for this drink, I found it on Platings and Pairing’s website and I’ve been dying to try it. The grilled pineapple looks amazing and I will be making this cocktail very soon.

Top Shelf Margarita with Fresh Citrus

Top Shelf Margarita with fresh citrus, So, I've been thinking..., margarita round-up

This has become my personal go-to ‘rita. It’s simple, delicious and ready in minutes. I highly recommend you try it.

Classic Party Margaritas

Classic Party Margaritas, So, I've been thinking, margarita round-up

I’ve mentioned my love for simple, classic drinks. If I’m having a party this margarita is usually on the menu. It’s easy to make a big batch and set them out for guests to refill on their own – leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your party, not play bartender.

I’ve got a few more margarita recipes up my sleeve featuring mangos, blueberries, raspberries and more. I can’t wait to share them with you. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming posts!

As always, I love to know if you have a favorite recipe or if you try one of mine. Please comment below – if you share your favorite, I just may feature it in an upcoming post!

This margarita round-up is meant for readers 21 and up, please drink responsibly.


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  1. Omg, can’t decide which I’d want to try first, but seriously going to have to give one of these a whirl very soon now. Thanks Stephanie!! 🙂

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