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In the Hot Seat with Lanaya from Raising Reagan


hot seat #askawayfriday with lanaya

It’s Friday and I’m ready for a break. It’s been a long work week and even without sports we’ve been very busy. To end my week, I’m participating in #AskAwayFriday again, this time with Lanaya from Raising Reagan.

hot seat with lanaya #AskAwayFriday


Lanaya and I have a lot in common: we’re both curly-haired Geminis who love a good cocktail recipe and could make a sailor blush. She asked me some tough questions this week. My answers are below, you can see how I returned the favor by checking out Raising Reagan after you find out more about me than maybe you’d ever care to know. I’m calling it the Hot Seat because it’s true.


Would you rather be a contestant on: Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right?

Before I answer I just have to say, every time someone spins the wheel on The Price is Right I’m always worried they are going to get hit by those spokes or handles or whatever they are called. I’m very uncomfortable with it. For that reason alone I would never be on that show.

I would consider Jeopardy except for the fact that my next door neighbor’s son was on Jeopardy and won. So I would either do really well and shame him (not very likely) or not do as well and be shamed by a 13 year old (very likely) so…um…no thanks.

Which leaves Wheel of Fortune.

I would rock Wheel of Fortune.

I’m not even kidding. We don’t actually watch a lot of gameshows in our house but if it ever comes on, I’ve got the answers. Quick. Like look up from my computer, 3 seconds later say the answer quick. My kids think I’m a genius. I kind of am. My kids downloaded the WoF app, best $3.99 we ever spent. I get compliments from Pat All.The.Time! I don’t even play games on my phone or iPad but I play WoF. Because I win. I secretly hope there is some random spy report inside the game evaluating potential contestants. If there is, look for me on tv winning buckets of cash soon!


I noticed that you are busting out the mixed tapes for this Spring and Summer! I was addicted to making mixed tapes when I was a tween. Of course all the 80’s faves made it on most of them. What is your favorite genre of music?

This made me laugh because most people do give up making mixed tapes when they are tweens and teens. It takes real dedication (and perhaps a bit of insanity) to feel the need to prove your music prowess to all your friends every time you get together by creating a mix tape (aka playlist) for every occasion as an adult. Yet here I am.

And yet, I can’t seem to select a genre. I like something from every genre (unless we’re talking death metal, is that a genre?) but I am definitely a “phase” listener, I spent 2 solid months listening to nothing but Macklemore. I’ve also spent months listening to nothing but The Tragically Hip or Dave Matthews. Black Eyed Peas Elephunk got a good six weeks. As did The Beatles and Rusted Root. I just love music.


Is there a show on TV or a song on the radio that you can’t get enough of right now?

I really don’t listen to the radio all that much because if I did like a song today, by tomorrow I’d have heard it 42 times and I’d be sick of it already.

Which leaves tv. It’s embarrassing but I’d say Scandal (because it’s still on, although I’m missing the finale by writing this last minute!) I also loved True Detective, Newsroom, Girls and am super-psyched Nurse Jackie just started again. These shows make me want to wait and binge watch the season in the hours leading up to the finale. I just want all of it, at once.


You are given the opportunity to shop {without a budget} at any store you choose. Which store do you go for and why?

I don’t know if this store exists but it would be some combination of B&H, Apple and Epiphanie. I want all my camera equipment, my MacBook Pro plus accessories and a great bag to carry it all in.


It’s your last meal EVER … what do you pick?

Can I drink it? Just kidding.

If you mean I’m on death row and about to die then I’m not kidding, I’d like a cocktail.

If I have to live but can’t ever eat again and will be tormented by thoughts of the food I’m missing then I’d like homemade popcorn with butter, salt, April’s homemade chili powder and powdery white cheddar cheese with Mallow Cups and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for dessert.


You’ve been from New York, to North Carolina and now Connecticut. Is there anything about the South that you miss and wish you had in the Northeast?

Only my friends. I know that sounds dorky but it’s true. I really miss those people.

hot seat charlotte friends

This is not everyone, there are a couple missing, for sure. And you know who you are. Even if one of you lives in California now.


I have a cocktails recipe section too – although I haven’t blogged about any yummy concoctions recently {definitely need to get on that!}. All the sudden I have become addicted to Crown Royal. What is your favorite liquor to mix with?

Okay, seriously, if you love Crown Royal you need to try it in my Knock Your Socks Off cocktail. It is amazing.

knock your socks off father's day cocktail

My favorite liquor to make drinks with is vodka because there are so many flavors. Ciroc (all the flavors) is my fave, followed by Grey Goose Cherry Noir and Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea. My favorite alcohol mixer is prosecco, goes with gin, vodka, St. Germain and tons of other liqueurs, it’s like a ninja. A lovely, bubbly drink-mixer ninja.


Do you have a least favorite flavor or smell? How about a favorite?

Least fave flavor: black licorice or nutmeg

Least fave smell: barf (I laughed when I wrote this but we’ve had a rough winter and I’m certain this is my least favorite smell)

Favorite flavor: too tough to narrow down, I’d combine garlic, lemon, butter and salt, so whatever flavor that is

Favorite smell: probably same combo as above when it’s being cooked


Occasionally I do some really fun product reviews. I love getting some free stuff out of it too! What is one of the best product reviews you have done and what did you score out of it?

The best one I will do is a Canon L-series lens and an Epiphanie Camera Bag (hint, hint).

Seriously, I do have a couple of great reviews coming up and I’m really excited about them, but I can’t spill the beans too early. I can say they will be posted next week and the week after, I’m flipping over both of the products and my kids are crazy for one of them, too. It’s been a good couple of weeks.


And for the grand finale:

Trade places with one blogger for the day .. who do you pick? Allie at VitaTrain4Life, I want to experience one day of her workouts and see what it’s like to push myself to those limits, then still be awake enough to write and be a productive momma.

Trade places with one blog for the day … which blog do you takeover? I can’t decide: I’d choose The Blogess because she is crazy honest and puts it all out there, I would write all my crazy in one epic post and let it all go.

Or I’d choose The Dose of Reality because they make me laugh so hard and the interactions Lisa and Ashley have with their readers, I’d love to feel all that love and make that many people laugh.

Trade places with one celebrity for the day … who do you become? Is it weird that I would want to be George Clooney and spend the day at his place in Italy? Maybe I’d be better off choosing to be his celebrity girlfriend, that way he could go with me. That’s the better choice, definitely choosing to be his girlfriend, in Italy.

hot seat steph&george

I didn’t even have to create this for this post, I’ve had it for years.


And finally … trade places with one historical figure for the day … who do you choose, what day {if applicable} and why?

Stumped. I got nothing. The farther back you go, the harder life was. I’m not interested in that. Is there a historical figure who owned a yacht and had a good life and I could spend the day being pampered and doing other fun stuff on the yacht? I’d like to be that one.


Today’s post is part of #AskAwayFriday. Please visit Lanaya at Raising Reagan to check out her answers to my questions and stop by the hosts of #AAF to see who else is in the hot seat this week!
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Now, of course, you know I want to know what your answers would be. Favorite smell? Favorite historical figure? (someone please, please answer that!!) Game show? What would you choose? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend!


  1. Loved your answers and I remember that George Clooney photo that you magically appeared in! Haha Garlic cooking is one of my favorite smells too…I think we use it in just about every meal!

  2. Awesome! Love these answers! I think I would take the cocktail, too! LOL! Hmmm…fave smell for me would be vanilla, coconut, or lilac. Fave historical figure, I think I will choose Deborah Sampson Gannett…she dressed as a man and fought in the Revolutionary War…how cool is that! It is an awesome legacy to share with my kids, since she is one of their ancestors. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Stephanie!

    • MMMM coconut & pineapple – love those two smells together. I think that’s pretty cool your kids have Deborah as an ancestor, that’s a great story for them to know. Heck, that’s a great story for me to know! Hope you have a great weekend, too, Stacey!

  3. I’d also choose Wheel of Fortune! I love that you know so much about cocktails, I only drink what’s served but never really knew how things are done. LOL!

    • Knowing so much is both a blessing and a curse – things can get complicated and I’ve been so stumped as to what to drink that I’ve taken a very long time to order because I have too much running through my brain! I need a trusty stand-by.

  4. No wonder why I love you and Lanaya, because I am raising my hand to and admitting being a curly (wavy haired, gemini, right here, too 🙂

  5. OMG … you are amazing and awesome and I love the fact that we are now connected! Like really!!! Yes, I just did the whole like thing in a sentence and now I want to shoot myself! Ugh …
    These are the best answers and you and I have SO much in common. That George Clooney pic is hysterical. I have ones of me with Brad Pitt from the movie Mr and Mrs Smith. I’m pretty impressed at how real they are.
    I am ALL over that cocktail. One coming up stat — oh wait, it’s 9am. Guess that will have to wait a little bit.
    Maybe not … it’s been a long week.
    Loved, loved, loved your answers!!
    Thank you for swapping with me and have a phenomenal weekend! 🙂


    • No way!! You have a Brad Pitt pic?!? I love that – I have to see it. And we were totally meant to be friends.

      This was really fun, I’ll be by tomorrow to catch up on your week! Thanks Lanaya!

  6. I remember watching all of the games shows at my grand parents house. I would love to be on Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune. Jeopardy is way too hard and I would flunk out on the first question. 😉

    • Yeah, Jeopardy, I have a feeling, would make me feel kinda dumb! Thanks for stopping here and commenting! This is a really fun creation (#AskAwayFriday) and I love being able to participate!

  7. ha to the George Clooney photo already being created!
    I would really agree with you about the Canon L-series. Why aren’t they barging down our doors yet? I do not understand.
    Loving the “in the hot seat” and loving that you’re doing #AskAwayFriday during our weird, confusing in-between week!

    • I had no idea it was a weird, confusing week. I’m pretty clueless. I mean I knew it was ending, I didn’t realize it was coming back – I thought I was totally participating “after the fact.” Which wasn’t surprising or atypical of pretty much anything I do! Sad. That’s just all very sad, isn’t it?

      If you get an L-series review and need a helper? I’M YOUR GIRL!!! Don’t even look at anyone else! Or think of looking at anyone else.

  8. Super fun questions (not that I expected anything different from Lanaya!).
    I’m with you – final meal if it can’t be a cocktail alone then it has to include one/some!!!
    And, I love Allie and I love to workout but I think one day of her workouts would kill me – you go!!!

    • Oh boy, if you think her workout would kill you – I have totally stepped above my imaginary limits!

      I will admit, Lanaya put me to the test. When I first scanned the q’s I almost backed out. I’m glad I didn’t but…

  9. Still loving that pic of you and George! and your last meal sounds quite yummy! I know that must have been hard for you to come up with some of those answers! (and btw- he was 10 when he won Jeopardy and yes, he could still kick anyones butt…)

    • I knew I would get his age wrong but it was too late to call and ask you. And how does time go by that fast anyway – aren’t I just as slim and young as I was when Tony was 10!!!

      Wait, he was YOUNGER THAN JACK, ELLA, and RJ???

      I’ll tell ya, I’m sitting here in shock.

  10. When my hubby and I got NetFlix, we become such binge watchers! Breaking Bad, Weeds, Walking Dead, Mad Men – have been known to stay up ridiculously late watching of all those!!
    And now I’m off to check out all your lovely drink concoctions – it is the weekend!
    Nice “meeting” you through Ask Away Friday!

    • I’m so glad you stopped today! I’ve visited you before quite a few times, I will start “speaking up!”

      The only one of those I’ve seen is Weeds. We have Showtime so we binge watched the first season to start with the 2nd. I’m thinking binge watching is the way to go. No commercials, instant gratification – way, way better than cable.

  11. Hahaha… I love how you’ve had that photo for years. Made me laugh!

  12. That you’ve had that photo for a while? No big deal. That you’ve had it framed under your pillow for a while? well … (although I might want to make one of me and Milana Vayntrub, for a rainy day … )

    • So scary that you knew that, I thought it was my secret! Now I’ve got to look up who that is and don’t be surprised if you get an email….(but it won’t be soon, because I’m not good at follow-through and I’m pretty tired and Teronis and Scar have big projects due…but you never know.)

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