Bad News Twisted Mix Tape #35

Twisted Mix Tape #35 - Things Ya Might Get Busted For In Real Life

I’ve been a fan of Twisted Mix Tape for several months now. Even though I haven’t posted, I check in each week and see what’s going on. I love music and I love people who love music and almost every week Jen has something on her list that I’ve never heard or heard of before.

Twisted Mix Tape #35

This week’s Twisted Mix Tape topic was suggested by Jen’s friend, Kerri, from Undiagnosed but Okay. The conversation from Jen’s post: She (Kerri) said, how about a “this song could’ve sent me to jail?” I (Jen) was intrigued, but needed more. Hmmm let’s see the Doors come on baby get higher, Or Carrie Underwood doing a little grand larceny beating up her boyfriends truck? Blondie gets arrested after seeing Aliens in Rapture Or even to be funnier: Joe Cocker you can leave your hat on, so if I left just my hat on I would be arrested for indecent exposure. Trust me it wouldn’t be pretty! Aha!


And so, because apparently many of my favorite songs all include questionable antics I decided to put together my own list.


The Decemberists – the Rake’s Song

The first time I heard this song I loved it. Downloaded it and then realized it wasn’t necessarily appropriate listening for a mother with children (nearby at least!) The words are really horrible. This is about a very, very bad man who should be hanged (because that punishment would fit the time period of the song, I think.)


AC DC – Pretty much any song by AC DC could be posted here, including: Shoot to Thrill, What Do You Do For Money and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

This one just makes me laugh so I had to find a video for it.


The Beatles – Happiness is a Warm Gun

This song is rumored to be about a used gun, sex and drugs. You can decide for yourself, here’s the Wikipedia article. 


Sublime – Santeria

I’m pretty sure the line “Pop a cap in Sancho” alludes to something illegal.


Jane’s Addiction – Jane Says

This live version is one of my all time favorite songs, even though the video cuts off the first minute (check out Up From The Catacombs for the full version.) And it’s about Jane’s addiction: heroin. The story.

So what song(s) would you have chosen? I’d love to hear what you think of when you hear “things ya might get busted for in real life!”

Thanks for joining me today!


  1. Great list! The AC/DC is definitely my favorite.

  2. I remember when that Carrie Underwood song was on all the time and E was sitting in the back seat singing away. I thought to myself, “hmmm…perhaps not appropriate….” but I didn’t change the station. I enjoyed some of those AC/DC songs too! 🙂

  3. What a fabulous list of songs. Happiness is a Warm Gun is a favorite. I could definitely get in trouble with that as my soundtrack!

  4. Love the Beatles, but this is the first I’ve heard of this number! Cool!

  5. I LOVE Santeria. and Jane Says! Great choices here! :)-Ashley

    • Thanks! Did you notice there’s a Barry Manilo song in the original playlist on Jen’s page? Santeria is my ringtone – my kids always sing a little when my phone rings…I may never change it!

  6. I had to laugh because my family LOVES AC/DC and they blast it every chance they get. I don’t know how my dad hasn’t lost his hearing yet. I’m not a fan myself, but my poor kids have heard it all. I can’t think of a good song that might put me in jail…

    • That is really funny…my dad would be like “shut that crap off!” I’ll get in a mood and put it on and make the kids listen – I’m only furthering their music education by sharing all kinds of music, right?

  7. “Dirty Deeds” just had to be included.

  8. Great list, Stephanie – I couldn’t come up with one so I bailed this week. The only song that comes to mind right now is Aerosmith’s Janie’s Got a Gun. But I like your list better.

    • I was going through my iTunes music and almost put that one on the list. I started with AC/DC then realized my whole list was comprised of “A” artists – had to change it up (by adding more letters of the alphabet!)

  9. Now, see? I suck because I didn’t even KNOW about a few of these choices!! Geez.

    I just kept on thinking about all the things I DID that would have gotten me arrested, while listening to every 80’s tune known to mankind. Perhaps, we can do a post about the songs we listened to when we flirted with the law? Oh Lord… lets start off with Pink Floyd and then move to the Grateful Dead for starters… 😉

  10. Hi!! I am so happy you decided to join us, I love new blood. And not in a scary way. Really. This list was a great one for you to jump in on BECAUSE Happiness is a Warm Gun??? Brilliant!!
    I am so glad you came by, and I usually am much more prompt about commenting and really share the posts. But the holiday got me dragging.
    Please come back next week (or tomorrow 😉 )

    • I was a little overwhelmed with the holiday, myself! I do read your blog regularly and I love that so many people participated! I’m working on my Christmas songs now!

  11. I’m so sorry that I haven’t found your Twisted Mix Tape series sooner! First, I LOVE AC/DC and even though I’m a hardcore Duran Duran fan, I love many types of music. I’m going to start following your blog on Bloglovin right now!

    • Thank you for the follow! I’m already a fan of yours! – I do have to say that Jen Kehl @jenkehl and started this whole mix tape mania and I am simply a newbie participant – followed forever but just started linking. You should totally check her out, her blog is great!

  12. LOL!! It is true about music and lyrics. We really sometimes just sing the song but not focus on the lyrics.

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