The Girls. The Bad and The Ugly. (When Friendships Go Wrong)

The Girls The Bad and The Ugly

I knew it would happen at some point. The idyllic little bubble of 12 year-old friendships: sleepovers, crushes, instagram, movies. It doesn’t last forever. Friendships don’t (always) last forever. I know that. I’ve lived that. I expect that. Being on the lookout for it doesn’t make it any easier to

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Can This Unorganized Girl Find Structure?

#AskAwayFriday Structure

It’s back…another #AskAwayFriday and this week I’m swapping with Beth from Structure in an Unstructured Life. Maybe it’s serendipitous, maybe it’s a sign (to get my act together and get some structure in my life) but Beth is the third blogger I’ve swapped with who is ultra-organized and loves making

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Grilling with Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life

Grilling with Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life   Today for #AskAwayFriday I’m swapping questions with Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life. We are doing the questions a little bit differently today…we are swapping 5 questions. Lighter, yes, in numbers only. Don’t feel like you are missing out…Michelle

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